Rajka Kupesic School of Classical Ballet

Students at different Levels

Regular programs

IWe are offering classes in:

  • Creative Movement: (ages 3-5) Children explore rhythm and movement to the music.
  • Pre-ballet: (ages 5-6) Children are introduced to elements of the basic ballet exercises.
  • Classical Ballet: (ages 6 and up) Ballet syllabus is followed with emphasis on artistic style and performance.
  • Classical Ballet Exam Syllabus: Technical and artistic levels ranging from Grade 1 to Pre-professional, following the Society of Russian Ballet syllabus.
  • Pointe: Classical technique on pointe is introduced when student has developed necessary strength in body, legs and feet (individual assessment).
  • Character and Historical Dances: (ages 6 and up) Featured in all major ballets, character dances are stylized classical ballet choreographies based on national, ethnic and folk dance traditions while historical dances are based on contemporary court dances.

For the first time we also offer Saturday Morning Class for Pre-Ballet Students Age 3 - 6. 

Think your daughter is ready for competition?

We offer opportunities in our competition groups and with the Rajka Kupesic Ballet Company. Learn more


To keep track of your child’s progress, exams for the classical ballet syllabus (grades 1 through Pre-Professional) are offered yearly with the Society of Russian Ballet.

For more information on registration dates, fees and class schedules, please contact our studio at 905-712-8308 or e-mail rajka@kupesicballet.com

Rajka Kupesic School of Classical Ballet